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Fragestellungen wie "Wie verändern Offshore-Windparks die Risiken in der Schifffahrt?" und "Was bedeutet es für die Kranken- und Lebensversicherung, wenn die durchschnittliche Lebenserwartung künftig bei 90 Jahren liegt?" beschäftigen unsere Mitarbeiter. Als weltweit führender Rückversicherer stellen wir uns schon heute die Fragen, die morgen die ganze Gesellschaft bewegen.

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17.04.2014 13:56 facebook

Just last week we launched a brand new Twitter page, @MunichRe_In. Like our central corporate channel, @MunichRe, it will also focus on relevant and trending topics in the re/insurance world, but tweeted straight from our press folks: Michael, Stefan, Anke and Gerrit. They'll be delving deeper into subjects like natcats, renewable energy, engineering, cyber risks and much more. Find out what they have to say by following @MunichRe_In today!

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14.04.2014 13:39 facebook

Today marks the tragic anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic after it collided with an iceberg. As a result of the disaster, the first International Convention for the Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS) was adopted in 1914. Today, SOLAS is the most important international treaty concerning the safety of merchant ships:

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12.04.2014 15:09 facebook

A look at losses due to inland flooding in Eastern Asia from 1980-2012. Read more about severe weather in Eastern Asia here:

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11.04.2014 15:38 facebook

This year's Munich Re Scholarship Programme kicked off earlier this week here in Munich. The 16 participants come from diverse cultural backgrounds, speak different languages and hold different positions in their respective companies. What they all have in common are the expectations they bring with them for the Munich Re Scholarship Programme over the next three months. For an inside look, be sure to check out the Twitter page from @AyseSumners, one of this year's participants. She'll be tweeting about her time in Munich, her experiences in programme and what it has to offer.

This international management programme for high potentials and future executives is one of Munich Re's most exclusive client services. The scholarship programme will run from 7 April to 27 June in close collaboration with the Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich, the GDV, the University of St. Gallen, the EIOPA and Munich Re, London.

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10.04.2014 13:41 facebook

Did you know that old incandescent lighting generates heat? Replacing it with efficient LED lighting will reduce electricity costs but may cause a slight increase in heating usage. The key to achieving maximum #energy efficiency results is understanding of how such components interact.

Hartford Steam Boiler's (HSB) Energy Efficiency Insurance can help organisations seeking to cut energy costs and reduce their CO2 footprint. With the expertise and financial backing of HSB and Munich Re acting as a seal of approval, energy efficiency projects are a better credit risk and a more attractive investment than ever. Read all about it here in Topics Risk Solutions:

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10.04.2014 07:12 facebook

In the April 2014 Best’s Review, Munich Health North America's Mike Shevlin discusses "A New Prognosis" for changing the current heath care model for providers. He also outlines the potential obstacles they face to be successful as they take on these additional challenges. You can view the full article at

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09.04.2014 15:44 facebook

How can you protect your small business against legal liability; damage to reputation, data and systems brought on by a cyber attack?

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07.04.2014 15:34 facebook

40 years of Geo Risks Research: Our experts present the core tasks, the different research areas and the solutions they offer in a new video in Topics Online.

40 years of Geo Risks Research | Topics Online | Munich Re
Systematically recording, analysing and investigating climate change, natural catastrophes and their disastrous consequences: those are the core tasks of the Geo Risks Research unit that Munich Re set up 40 years ago. The vast wealth of knowledge and experience gathered over this period enables our?

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04.04.2014 08:45 facebook

Great tips on reducing the risk of water damage during a #flood from the folks at IBHS!

Do you know how to react when flooding becomes imminent? There are simple actions that you can take before flooding occurs that could end up having significant implications later.

Find out what you can do to reduce your risk of costly water damage using IBHS resources:

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02.04.2014 15:23 facebook

Our thoughts are with those affected by the recent M8.2 earthquake off the coast of northern Chile. It's currently too early to estimate the overall and insured losses from Tuesday's quake. But they will of course be considerably lower than those of the February 2010 earthquake, which had a magnitude of 8.8 and struck a more densely populated area. Here's a look at the world's top 10 costliest earthquakes from 1980-2013:

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01.04.2014 12:31 facebook

In 2013, some 37% of overall losses worldwide from natural catastrophes were flood-related, substantially higher than the 22% average for the period since 1980. These figures are taken from Munich Re's brand new issue of "Topics GEO - Natural catastrophes 2013?, which provides statistics and analyses of the most significant events of last year. Download the full version of the magazine in English or German here on our website:

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31.03.2014 09:05 facebook

Population growth, rising standards of living and dwindling natural water sources are the reasons why more and more seawater desalination plants are being constructed. Seawater desalination plants need a reliable power supply and intensive maintenance. In some countries with a shortage of water, desalination plants constitute a critical part of the infrastructure and can be the target of politically motivated attacks. The absence of weather data can both prejudice the design and, in the case of a loss, the loss adjustment. Storms, the dynamics of the seabed, currents and ships' anchors can also damage the intake pipe. Read more here in Topics Schadenspiegel:

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30.03.2014 15:40 facebook

The supply of fossil resources is limited and the global demand for energy is growing, making the use of renewable energy sources increasingly important. Munich Re's new interactive app presents the opportunities and challenges associated with various types of renewable energy, such as wind, sun and water. It also illustrates how innovative insurance solutions can support the energy revolution. The app is available free of charge for Apple iOS and Android. Visit our website for more information and download the TOPICS RENEWABLES app today:

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27.03.2014 17:01 facebook

Remotely operated vehicles (ROVs) were originally developed mainly for military purposes. But since the ?70s, they've been performing a variety of tasks in ever deeper water, such as inspections, maintenance and construction work, as well as decommissioning, exploration and salvage. Losses involving ROVs are infrequent, but when they do occur, they're usually catastrophic as far as the equipment is concerned. Read more in the latest issue of Topics Risk Solutions:

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26.03.2014 09:51 facebook

Munich Re is now offering commercial satellite operators an end-of-life cover up to 15 years with no changes to coverage even if the satellite's technical condition changes. Since most satellites are funded by long-term debt, this new coverage gives clients planning security for their insurance costs.

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24.03.2014 15:56 facebook

Munich Re takes part in the Australian Business Roundtable to support the need for a more sustainable, coordinated national approach to make communities more resilient and people safer. The report will examine the cost efficiencies behind the centralization, consolidation of research and funding, and the benefits of a national research agenda. Press Release: Website:

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22.03.2014 15:51 facebook

Earthquake risks are higher in Italy than in any other country in Europe. Almost the entire country forms a single plate boundary, with the African plate pressing on the European continent from the south. Topics Magazine takes a look at this risk and much more as part of our in-depth market analysis of Italy:

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20.03.2014 09:01 facebook

After third-best result in the company's history in 2013, Munich Re CEO Nikolaus von Bomhard is optimistic about the future development. Find out more in our Annual Report, press release or join us for a webcast at 9.00 CET

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19.03.2014 15:38 facebook

"Two big players, one exhibition" PLAYTIME in Die Pinakotheken im Kunstareal München featured in Kulturzeit. Worth a visit!

Mediathek: Da, da & da: Playtime
Nil Varol hat die Ausstellung "Playtime" im Münchner Kunstbau des Lenbachhauses besucht: Die Galerie im U-Bahn-Zwischengeschoss widmet sich der modernen Arbeitswelt. Sie zeigt kritische Kunst, die unser zunehmendes Durchdrehen im Hamsterrad spiegelt.

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17.03.2014 16:03 facebook

Over the last few years, we've seen supervisory systems for insurance companies all around the world undergoing transformation. The principles defined by the International Association of Insurance Supervisors (IAIS) stipulate that both balance sheets and risk capital should be based on economic valuations. The basis of an economic balance sheet - as used for Solvency II, for example - is a valuation of all assets and liabilities in accordance with economic principles.

In a recent Knowledge Series Report, entitled "Reinsurance in the economic balance sheet?, our solvency experts illustrate that the financial strength of reinsurers is not only taken into account within the risk model, but also for accounting purposes.

Download a copy in English or German here on our website. From there you can also subscribe to the Knowledge Series RSS feed to receive all the latest publications:

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15.03.2014 09:45 facebook

The wait is over! Visit the #PLAYTIME exhibition today at the Städtischen Galerie im #Lenbachhaus! For full details visit the Lenbachhaus website here:

And visit our website to learn more about the art cooperation between Lenbachhaus and Munich Re:

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