Die MAN Gruppe ist eines der führenden europäischen Industrieunternehmen im Bereich Transport-Related Engineering mit jährlich rund 15,7 Mrd. Euro Umsatz (2013). MAN ist Anbieter von Lkw, Bussen, Dieselmotoren, Turbomaschinen sowie Spezialgetrieben. Die MAN-Unternehmensbereiche halten führende Positionen auf ihren Märkten.

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21.05.2015 15:52 facebook

The MAN TGX D38 model "100 Years" rocks with 560 hp on the drift area

The event is a cult and an obligatory gathering for real fans of the Volkswagen brand - for the 34th time, the legendary GTI Meeting took place by Lake Wörthersee in Austria. From all over Europe, proud owners of lovingly cared-for, upgraded or restored cars flocked to Carinthia in Austria to celebrate their brand.

One of the trucks with the characteristic flaming lion on its cab was presented directly on the other side of the water on the VW stand. With a second truck, likewise a "100 Years" model, the MAN crew catered for smoking tires on the so-called "Rubber Square", an area where the fans traditionally leave piles of rubber lying on the tarmac.

After performing several donuts and burnouts, the MAN crew took the opportunity to also promote co-operation with truckers on a partnership basis under daily traffic conditions among "GTI spectators".

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19.05.2015 08:26 facebook

Did you know...

?that MAN vehicles have been defying weather conditions for decades? For our buses and trucks, wintry road conditions are not a major challenge. During test drives, the buses and trucks are thoroughly put through their paces. Not until we are convinced of their reliability under such conditions are they marketed and delivered to our customers.

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17.05.2015 15:53 facebook

+++ KIT-Karrieremesse in Karlsruhe +++
Nächsten Mittwoch, den 20.05., findet die KIT-Karrieremesse in Karlsruhe statt. Auch wir sind dabei und freuen uns auf zahlreiche Besucher an unserem Stand Nr. 9. Von 9.30 - 16.30 Uhr stehen wir Euch für Informationen und Fragen zur Verfügung.

#contact #Karriere #Messe

KIT - KarrieremesseStartseite
Qualifizierte Studierende des KIT (Universität Karlsruhe) rekrutieren - das eigene Unternehmen als attraktiven Arbeitgeber auf der Jobmesse präsentieren.

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13.05.2015 10:02 facebook

Dual-Fuel L35/44DF four-stroke engine moves towards market entry.

Dual-Fuel L35/44DF four-stroke engine moves towards market entry ?

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12.05.2015 14:00 facebook

Did you know...

?that Mary Maersk, one of the biggest container ships in the world, benefits from the computerized MAN engine systems? Get to know the captain of this giant ship and read about his everyday challenges.

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11.05.2015 15:29 facebook

+++ Contact Jobmesse in Ingolstadt +++

Nächsten Mittwoch findet die Contact in Ingolstadt statt. Auch wir sind dabei und freuen uns auf zahlreiche Besucher an unserem Stand Nr. 22. Von 9.30 - 15.00 Uhr stehen wir Euch für Informationen und Fragen zur Verfügung.

#contact #Karriere #Messe

Startseite CONTACT
CONTACT, die größte akademische Karriere- und Recruitingmesse der Region, geht in die 17. Runde. Mit knapp 100 Ausstellern und erwarteten 1.200 Besuchern knüpft sie an die bewährte Tradition an, Unternehmen und Absolventen in einem professionellen und gleichzeitig lockeren Rahmen miteinander in Kont?

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11.05.2015 10:04 facebook

Checking your ticket to see FC Bayern live? Who else but MAN.

Last week, we raffled 2x2 tickets for the Bundesliga match between FC Bayern and local rivals FC Augsburg on May 9th at the Allianz Arena.
We had previously asked our interns to get creative and send us their own "MAN kann? slogan idea.

One of the winner was Matthias Hirner, who was among the fans and witnessed the 0:1 for Augsburg live in the stands.
Matthias wrote his diploma thesis at MAN Truck & Bus in the Central Production and applied with the slogan: ?Kann man 600 Pferde unter eine Haube bringen? MAN kann.?

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08.05.2015 10:01 facebook

48 apprentices from our training center in Augsburg successfully completed their vocational training.

Congratulations and all the best for your future career!

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07.05.2015 13:47 facebook

Meet an MAN Diesel & Turbo apprentice!

Each month we introduce one of our apprentices. This time you get to know Benjamin Hirschke, apprentice for industrial mechanics from our location in Hamburg, Germany. We have asked him, if he has a good tip for the next generation of apprentices:

"Do not hesitate to ask your colleagues all the questions you might have in case you do not understand operational processes our specialist topics. Ask them proactively for new tasks - as there is sometimes time left between two tasks to learn something in addition. This is your chance to demonstrate interest and collegiality. You can get better by asking for feedback. Show interest by asking the respective departments for feedback about your work.?

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06.05.2015 13:30 facebook

Wow! This engine performance corresponds to the output of 78 Bugatti Veyron Super Sports, the fastest street-legal production car.

MAN Fact 69,720 kW is the output of the world's largest engine, a low-speed MAN B&W 12S90ME-C Mark 9.2 type. It powers the "CSCL Globe,? which became the hitherto largest container ship in the world when first launched in November 2014. This engine performance corresponds to the output of 78 Bugatti Veyron Super Sports, the fastest street-legal production car. Source: #MANmagazine ?

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05.05.2015 08:15 facebook

Did you know?

?that the new NEOPLAN Jetliner received a "special mention? in the German Design Award 2015 in the category of Excellent Product Design - Transportation and Public Design?
Stephan Schönherr, MAN Vice President responsible for Bus Design, explains in this interview how the NEOPLAN Jetliner succeeded in impressing the jury.

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01.05.2015 14:00 facebook

We wish you a wonderful first day of May!

Enjoy the long weekend and the sight of this centrifugal compressor.

We'll be back on monday! :)

#1ofmay #compressor #holiday

Barrel type (RB) and horizontally split type (RH) centrifugal compressors by MAN Diesel & Turbo are tried and tested technology for various industrial uses.

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30.04.2015 08:00 facebook

Nächsten Mittwoch findet die konaktiva in Darmstadt statt. Auch wir sind dabei und freuen uns auf zahlreiche Besucher an unserem Stand Nr. G5. Von 9.30 - 16.30 Uhr stehen wir Euch für Informationen und Fragen zur Verfügung.

#konaktiva #Karriere #Messe

konaktiva - Die Unternehmenskontaktmesse - Studenten treffen Unternehmen
konaktiva - Die Unternehmenskontaktmesse - Studenten treffen Unternehmen

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28.04.2015 14:20 facebook

Did you know...

?that up to four soccer fields could fit on a container ship? - And this is not the end. The race about the "World's biggest ship? keeps going on. Susanne Kindt, Head of Low Speed Large Bore Design, and her team designed the engine for the CSCL Globe within one year only. Read the article to get more information on this giant engine.

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26.04.2015 14:59 facebook

Nächsten Mittwoch findet die bonding Firmenkontaktmesse in Dresden statt. Auch wir sind dabei und freuen uns auf zahlreiche Besucher an unserem Stand Nr. R34. Von 9 - 16 Uhr stehen wir Euch für Informationen und Fragen zur Verfügung.

#bonding #Karriere #Messe

bonding Firmenkontaktmesse Dresden
Dieses Jahr erlebt Ihr auf der Wiese hinter dem Hörsaalzentrum 150 Firmen, weit über 40 Fachvorträge, Beratung rund um die Bewerbung und das Bewerbungsgespräch, andere ausstellende Studenteninitiativen und nicht zu vergessen: Die passende Verpflegung für gestresste Messebesucher bei uns im Studicafé?

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22.04.2015 08:33 facebook

Meet Sabina Punia - an Intern at MAN Diesel & Turbo Canada.

Highly motivated, creative, passionate, and eager to learn; our interns here at MAN Canada are a huge asset to our organization! Meet Sabina Punia - an Intern from the @[5802560757:274:University of Waterloo]. She's pursuing an Honours degree in Mathematics along with a Masters in Accounting, with plans to one day pursue a Chartered Professional Accountancy Designation. Sabina is currently completing her second internship here at MAN Canada as an Assistant Billing Analyst, working closely with both the Accounting and PrimeServ (After-Sales) departments to manage customer invoices, meet billing deadlines, ensure accurate margins for service jobs, and much more! We asked Sabina what she likes most about working at MAN: "The culture here is a perfect blend of a positive and inspiring work environment. The employees are all friendly and helpful! It is always great experience to learn how the management side of accounting works in the industrial sector and apply your classroom knowledge in the real world.? Stay tuned for more insights from the MAN Canada Interns!

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21.04.2015 14:47 facebook

Did you know...

?that M/S Selandia was the first ocean-going ship with a diesel engine? In 1912, the Danish passenger ship was first put to sea. At that time, nobody thought ships could ever move without being driven by coal and steam.

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20.04.2015 13:31 facebook

100 years of MAN - 2015 the centenary

Around 100 years ago, the Augustiner brewery was among our first truck customers, and the company still puts its faith in MAN trucks.

In 2015, MAN Truck & Bus celebrated its hundred year product anniversary. This is approximately the period in which the Augustiner Brewery has been delivering its beer kegs with MAN trucks.

In 1915 Munich brewers such as Augustiner wanted to deliver their beer kegs further out from the city. The stamina of the horses was just not enough for the trips to towns such as Rosenheim or Traunstein. Faster vehicles with greater ranges were an absolute must. This is what led to the business relationship between Augustiner and MAN - one which continues to this day.

Over the course of time, special superstructures for beverages replaced the simple loading surfaces with planks. Hydraulic lift platforms facilitated loading and unloading and controlled trailing axles eased manoeuvring in the tight spaces of the city. "Truck driving used to be really exhausting, now it is as comfortable as driving a car," says vehicle fleet director Ketterl. From the F90 to the TGA to the brand new TGX: From the mid-80's to the present day, Augustiner has put every generation of MAN trucks to good use.

Read more here:

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16.04.2015 08:13 facebook

Mädchen Technik-Camp bei MAN

Vom 30.03.-02.04.2015 hatten im Rahmen des "Mädchen für Technik-Camps" zehn Mädchen im Alter von 12-14 Jahren die Möglichkeit bei MAN Truck & Bus in München unsere technischen Ausbildungsberufe kennenzulernen.

In dieser Woche fertigten die Mädchen einen selbstgebauten Schmuckständer an und bekamen somit einen Einblick in jeden unserer technischen Ausbildungsberufe. Neben der Arbeit hatten wir ebenso ein Freizeitprogramm für die Mädchen.

Die Fahrt auf der Teststrecke zählten sie zu den Highlights dieser Woche. Am Ende der Woche haben die Teilnehmerinnen ihre Ergebnisse vor einem breiten Publikum mit Erfolg präsentiert.

Auch das regionale Fernsehen (Sat.1 Bayern) wollte sich das Engagement der Mädchen nicht entgehen lassen und kam zur Wochenmitte ins Haus, um einen kurze Dokumentation über das Projekt zu drehen.

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15.04.2015 14:41 facebook

Meet an MAN Diesel & Turbo apprentice!
Each month we introduce you to one of our apprentices, who started their apprenticeship with us in fall 2014.

This time we asked Andreas Ehmann and Scottie Idahosa from our location in Zürich, Switzerland, why they choose to become an apprentice at MAN.
Andreas Ehmann: "I decided to work as a pipe fitter at MAN because I love the trade and wanted to work for an international company. My first motivation was the trade, though, I absolutely wanted to work with metal.?

Scottie Idahosa: "I was interested in MAN because it's a well-known company, especially for the trucks. My aim was also to find a company where I get the opportunity to work abroad later on. Furthermore it had to be a company where I could say: I worked for them and it would mean something.?

On our website, you can read more about the career opportunities that we offer:

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15.04.2015 08:37 facebook

MAN Diesel & Turbo SE

The power plant in Moa, Cuba, one of the largest projects designed and commissioned by MAN Diesel & Turbo in the Caribbean region, was recently inaugurated by the Cuban Vice President, Commandante Ramiro Valdez Located at about 600m from the sea coast near Moa city, about 900 km South-East from Havana, the plant has a total power output of 184MW and will supply approximately 270.000 Cuban households with electrical energy. ->

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09.04.2015 14:53 facebook

With MANmagazine by MAN Diesel & Turbo we invite you to explore our universe of versatile technology. Join us on a world tour to Ecuador, Saudi Arabia, China and Switzerland. Discover the fascinating and awe-inspiring details of cutting-edge power, marine and turbo applications. #MANmagazine

MAN Diesel & Turbo MANmagazine
See MAN Diesel & Turbo magazines: MANmagazine Marine, MANmagazine Power & MANmagazine Turbo,

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02.04.2015 12:08 facebook

It's ThrowBackThursday! Today we visit Holeby in Denmark. On 1 April 1910 the new diesel engine was finally revealed to the public - a dual cylinder four-stroke diesel engine with 60 HP and an air compressor, designation type KO. It was a successor to the gasoline engine designation types KL and KN. Today, Holeby's engine number 1 is being assembled and readied at @Diesel House in Copenhagen. Its crankshaft and connecting rod have been replaced, as they have for some reason been misplaced during its stays at different storage facilities. At the time of writing, it is certain that something is in the works to arrange a proper display for the wondrous engine, and hopefully to see it running again after many, tumultuous years spent in disassembly, packed in wooden boxes. #TBT #ThrowBackThursday

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